My Cosmic Self [EP]

by Jefferson Colby

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Jefferson Colby
My Cosmic Self [EP]
Released 4/12/08


released 12 April 2008


Danny Mabe - Guitars, Keys, Vocals
Jeff Moore - Bass
Matt Mabe - Drums, Vocals

Recorded by Jeff Mount at SessionWorks Studios
Fort Worth, Texas



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Jefferson Colby Fort Worth, Texas

Rock & Roll

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Track Name: The Unknown
The unknown all the places you’ll never go
Cant see inside yourself, too busy obsessing over someone else
What you think you know?
All the places you’ll ever go
It’ll never be what you believe
You don’t understand deaf dumb naïve

But your not blind!

Don’t you preach to me
Ancient insanity
Ce la vie the time is now
14 seconds before the clock runs out
When it gets back to you?
Deep breath, think it through
Surprise you’ve drawn a blank
So unknown you can’t even think!
Track Name: Sleeper

What if every number, was suddenly misplaced?
And even your identification, didn’t match your face?
What if the sky fell down and created a new landscape of colors for you?

What if the reason, started to leak away?
And all you’ve profited was stolen and naked?
What if you came into this world trying to find the quickest way out?

You could, you should, or just go back to sleep!
Im beginning to see the flame
Its burning so bright baby
I don’t even know who I am

What if I don’t need to?
What if I don’t want to?
Track Name: Far Away People
We’re goin places
Infact im on my way right now
All these blank faces
Slowly sinking in the ground
What you need, is vision
Find the color in the sound

Cause its so hard
To exist for free
For far away people
Like you and me

Baby Sitter!
Track Name: Mad Scientist
Days are only getting longer
How far away could we really be?
Something from somewhere tell me something
Will it be how its suppose to be?

Stop trying to deny it
You make someone feel in the air
Is that not what you’re here for?
Living loving and nothing more?

Do you feel it?

Or are you sitting alone
Cold as stone watching everyone go
Too deep in your own shit
Like a mad scientist

What are you looking for?
Something to make you feel alirght?
Cook your love and smile empty
A downward spiral isn’t a fight

Or are you sitting alone
Cold as stone watching everyone go
Too deep in your own shit
Like a mad scientist
Track Name: Dumpasaurus
You say you don’t know
I guess so
In the middle of the road
You’ll never get old

Another slow illusion
You’ll never get pass the confusion

In and out ya know
Born just to be sold
Another cigarette
I think I think so

Another slow illusion
You’ll never get passed the confusion
Track Name: You've Lost Your Way
I’ll tell you one thing
It doesn’t matter to me
It all feels the same
Like a terminal disease
Nothing could make a difference
Nothing could make me believe
So much clear confusion
I can hardly breath

Who are all these people here with you?
How did one become two?

I wanna live forever
Inside my own skin
I want you to be there
But I wont let you in
I want you to witness
Everything I see
Cause were all in this together baby
Till its complete

Who are all these people here with you?
How did one become two?