from by Jefferson Colby



This is a deep song.

In a weird tuning and lyrically started first...it has been around since 2010.

I finished it and we play a loud Neil Young Electric version live...but I was cohersed into this mild version by jeff Mount..ill get the full off version done someday too.


we hit the road late last night
we wanted today to be tomorrow
hung over and stressed out
aint nothing I cant swallow

what are we about to undergo
Masochistic Mr. Van Gogh
when did we get in this UFO?
my oh my this planets sure size
don't you know the lows are the highs?



I dont want no fairytale
Id rather be poor sick and pale
than a puppet on your strings
only get what I want when I'm offering

been close to the devils wings
close enough to know he only sings one thing
a satanic serenade
The American
The American


from Dr. M, released February 27, 2015



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Jefferson Colby Fort Worth, Texas

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