from by Jefferson Colby



Swans has a lot of strange original things going on here.

The guitars are two different amps of the same signal, split in stereo each set with different delay times. So full signal, but diff delay times on each one. With the two diff amps and times, you get a rich weird rhythm of guiars panned across the spectrum. Along with a Bonhamesque thing..here is a song from a parallel universe


I walk through the walls
Swans in the hall
all the people are gone

where did they come from?
always find their crumbs

it's on
we on
I've got human heads on the walls

I'm a bad mother fucker
horns and teeth like fire
name a beast you fuck with

our zoo is desire
no heard no cliff no liar

it's on
we on
I've got human heads on the walls


from Dr. M, released February 27, 2015



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Jefferson Colby Fort Worth, Texas

Rock & Roll

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