Semantics (Metaphysical Mood Music)

by Jefferson Colby



This album started in DEC 2009 @ Sessionworks studios with Jeff Mount recording. We recorded all analog 2 inch tape and mixed down to 1/4 inch. We got the guitars and the drums to all 14 songs in the same session.The bass had to be redone and Danny even had to do some of them.


released April 1, 2010

Daniel Mabe- Vocals, Guitars, Pianos, Organs, Synths, Bass
Matt Mabe- Drums, Vocals, Percussion
Jeff Moore- Bass



all rights reserved


Jefferson Colby Fort Worth, Texas

Rock & Roll

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Track Name: Imposter City
Theres no reason for human beings
Not even in my sleep
Nothing worth dreaming because its all too sweet
Its everywhere I go
Its everything I know
Here I cant tell if im smiling

Imposter City
You always know how to be
You just have to turn into something else

Can’t delete It from my face
It’s a temporary permanent phase
I never wanted this to be a chase

It’s constantly illuminate
A persistent dependency
to quit
I’ve learned everywhere is nowheres place

Imposter City
You always know how to be
You just have to turn into something else
Imposter city
Where nothing is ever free
You just have to learn to be a master thief

Say hey man
Whatcha runnin from?
Is it the devil or just religion?
Just keep your head up
If your searchin for something
All eyes ahead to birth new creation
Don’t play follow the leader,
Don’t follow’em close
Don’t just follow any one who evokes
Track Name: Anhedonia
Lyrics by D. Mabe Music by D. Mabe

Everything’s a secret
Until the opportune time
When it grabs a hold of you
And hibernates inside
Someone to call for you
Someone to confine
Id wait all day for you
But im a day behind

I’ve been released
I’ve been released
Condemned but im free

Like a new world record
An accident in the sky
For future reference
Never wander why
Its there to get to you
Its there to eat you alive
A million miles from here
People live for life
Track Name: Zero Zilch Nothing
Lyrics and Music by D. Mabe

This feeling I feel I cant believe
This really cant be real I concede
Rolling backwards is not for me
I cant be jealous of jealousy
Maybe this will never be
maybe this is everything
Zero Zilch Nothing

All I feel is a ball of energy
I see more than just what’s in front of me
There’s no bright light
With wrong is right

The twining habits of an organism
The antidote is the poison
Never really alone because im someone
Its just this tiny little thought that makes me human
Is this all that we’ve become? Cold frozen and stupid numb
Im closer to closure im done

keep getting closer to never being clean
I need inebriation to intimidate me
it puts me in my place and tells me where I'm supposed to me
It says everything is forever and everything is free
you never feel empty you never get sick
you get paid just for breathing
and everything is a HIT
Track Name: @ The Atomic Cafe
Lyrics and Music by D. Mabe

back at the beginning at the back of the horizon
Billows of smoke exploding colors rising
The sky is flickering in a neon flash
The flicker flicker flick flops wet green sun splash
Mortal mutation is mysterious
The situation is is oh so serious
The world looks like an old video game
Mushy mushy layers between us and the gammy ray

We all wither and waste away
Maybe maybe maybe maybe not today
If anything this has been a good trip
Kiss, dissolve and boomerang

whispers of dust, clouds roll right by
multicolored pillows are softly takin over my life
while two cowboys duel down in the street
high noon, its doom only room for one heart beat
it comes in faster than you coulda grasped
like the moment that a picture becomes a photograph
immortalized somewhere in eternity and time
the truth echoes in a deep empty canyon somewhere beyond all life

We all wither and waste away
Maybe maybe maybe maybe not today
If anything this has been a good trip
Kiss, dissolve and boomerang
We all wither and waste away
Maybe maybe maybe maybe not today
If anything this has been a good trip
Kiss, dissolve and boomerang
Track Name: Earth Juice
you don't know how I remember
I just decided I'd eventually meet her

monster green eyes
theodore geisel couldn't have written

a message to my love
perfect conditions for life and love
now I know why I fall before I rise
its better

it's fresh cream and pink steam
it's a fish on a fire, it's an aqua seafoam submarine

it's nowhere near the ground
and never coming down
lonely in love and lost in Camden Town
Track Name: Instinctive Extinction
Soft tail paperback trying to get in the lead
Your washed up your washed out your bloods mudd if you bleed
An instinctive extinction that’s broken bubbling with a stench of greed
Always concealing deadlier weapons in the form of a trick up your sleeve

Some kind of prediction
I think im undefeated
You fix it materialistic
But that’s not why love is explonalistic
Its just a form of ammunition

An unconscious collection my thoughts come in the form of a collage
My genious intuition says I don’t steal I simply get robbed
And every time my heart skips a beat, I tend to replace it with a bomb
It takes some serious ignition to make me wanna feel anyting at all
Track Name: Shiverless
Ever wander what’s a fantasy?
Fantastic phantasm that finds room inside a wound in your dreams?
A precise paradise where we’re alone to be?
Anything everything something genuinely unseen

Am I talking about infinities?
Or this current space that we float between?
Not so interested in history?
It’s over and gone and so so complete.

What im looking for
Is nothing like a war
It’s easy, easy and leaves me, leaves me
Wanting more
Sorta empty inside
Unclimatic and shiverless times
I feel it steal me and make a deal with me
Just one more time

Ferocious notions make the world worse for me
Ignore it till it just becomes sorta complete
You’ll learn it all stays and travels with you
Into the mellow yellow meadow outside the mental zoo

Am I talking bout infinities
Or this lop sided trip into the deceased?
You’ll have to excuse me
Im just infatuated with my own mortality
Track Name: Solipsist
Something is creeping into me
Something inside needs to be set free
I can’t explain
I can explain
Its rusty and sharp and dark in there
Its like the inside of a grave no more heartbeat to repair

I know
I already know

I find im better off alone
I find I see through what is shown
Nobodies gotta sit me down
I see the shapes and I hear the sounds
Negative or positive everything that’s around
I still wander if ill feel the same when im underground

I don’t know
I don’t know
Its so cliché
Its so cliché
Somebody get me
And take me away
Come save me from this place and everybody
Track Name: Bungled & the Botched
so long farwell
no more long black fairytell
where did it go?
some secret place that I'll never know

it was like flames to a fire
it grew
I tried everything my liar
I'm through

go on
just escape
I'll be here but not too late
cause one morning it will all be gone
this never ending twisting descending.
Track Name: Battersea Park
Lyrics and Music by D. Mabe

In memory of memory to you Miss Mary Marie
all the trees in Battersea look like giant green dinosaur feet
Now I'm in this triple world universal peace because of my red girl
yellow flowers bloom inside the room a womb hangs from the ceiling never impending doom

If I should leave you here a while
near one hundred years old
I ask you to look into the hand painted sky
and feel unique and tranquil

Anything can seem bittersweet
when you aren't next to me
good thing you and battersea have
common camaraderie
now I'm in this triple world
having casual conversations with silver squirrels
looking around for something to eat
while the british moms are telling their kids they
Track Name: Apnea & Eupnea
Shes watching black and white movies on her tv screen
Do you know what that means?
She’s never waited or anticipated the depths of me
Murky as the murkiest belief
Weightless and heavy, and atheists angel baby still has bright white wings
The whole world listens when she sings
Maybe she’ll save me or show me the way the heavens came to be
Either way I wont let her leave

When I look into the world
Everything bends and swirls
Breathing right with me
as full or as empty

Perfection perplexes and complexes the most complicated kinds
Untying the knots that were tied
The orange is so soothing, so creamy so gooey
This entire thing is moving
Monotonous and maneuvering, anesthetic and removing
Of all the rotten things that came into being
I need you to clean me, to do my breathing
Circulate the blood through my body
Track Name: Victims
Don’t tell me you miss me, I don’t wanna hear it baby
Cause I was at our funereal and I know its not reciprocal
Its too late to repair this girl, its gone I don’t want it back girl
I hope he keeps you warm; seven islands in from the gods of the storm

Don’t say your sorry, don’t say your so very sorry
I don’t believe a word you say, I forget more of you each and every single day
Its getting easier to not have communications with you
All the beautiful things just hide away, to reveal eleven completely different shades of gray

Another victim of the universe
Mysterious atoms meticulously dispersed
Nothing has got to give
You’re born and then you live

Im not goin crazy, no im not goin crazy
It just takes some infiltration to protrude in to my maze of controlled confusion and aspiration
It might be selfish maybe, I might be selfish maybe
Its anything you want it to be, we’re equal to the birds frogs dogs and monsters of the sea
Track Name: Miss You Madly
Look down there
Look down there
That’s planet earth
Yes right there
Impulse patterns
Impulse patterns
Off the back of my eyes
The achromatic silence is the climax of my night

Its only in these deepest hours
I feel I have super magic powers
But even in this lucid dream
Where I control everything
I miss you madly

Look right there
Look right there
Far out in space
Yes out there
Moving faster
Moving faster
Towards the blues and greens
If only my interior wasn’t a sad machine
Track Name: Superficial Semsistar
Is everybody doing the same thing?
With different faces, and different names
Self diagnosin themselves with self inflicted neurosis
Just trying to identify which ones me and which one the ghost is

Its overrated
And I hate it

Never trying to be compelling perpetuating to whomever is closest
Stay where you land, and never focus
Feel so much, this feeling betta stop
Superficial semsistar, feel like I have two hearts

Will I disappear someday?
Into an abyss into forever into my brain